Birding Authors and Personalities

This is a Who's Who of the Birding World (according to

These are some of the fascinating, innovative, enterprising, and charismatic people who have made the sport (hobby, pastime, obsession) of Birding (bird-watching) popular and life-changing.  There's more of course...many, many more.
Roger Tory Peterson Kenn Kaufman David Sibley Peter Dunne
Laura Erickson Sharon Stiteler Bill Thompson III Phoebe Snetsinger
Sir David Attenborough John Feith Stan Tekiela Donald E. Kroodsma  
Amy Hooper Stokes - Don and Lillian Noel Cutright   Birdstud's Birdchat Blog
A heartwarming webblog dedicated to chatting about Birds and Life in general. Feed Your Wild Birds
Visit this page to learn about bird vendor sites in Wisconsin to patronize. Get Involved in Science
You can be a citizen scientist and contribute meaningful data too! Report Your Sightings
Want to"crow" about your birding moments or log your data?